Vintage Furniture Options Ideal For Christmas Film Productions

23 August 2021
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If you're planning a Christmas commercial or short film to produce in the months leading up to the holidays, you want the props to reflect the season. If you have a specific time period set for the production, then you want to ensure the props and scenes reflect the years.

As you shop for props, consider some of the vintage furniture options available. With the guide, you can make an authentic production that captures the holiday spirit and timeline you're trying to represent.

Vintage Sleighs

Sleighs are a classic Christmas tradition and could be used in many ways for a holiday production. If you have a Santa Claus character, the person could sit in the sleigh. You could also order a restored vintage sleigh so it looks like a current piece for the time you're trying to represent.

Vintage sleighs could just be a background prop or decoration that represents the holiday season. Fill a sleigh with decor like Christmas lights or wrapped presents. Move sleighs around, and find multiple uses within the same production. Many vintage sleighs feature metal frames that are easy to transport and move to different set locations.

Vintage Store Signs & Decor

Christmas shopping is a big part of the holiday season, and you can represent specific years with vintage store signs and decor. Turn a movie set into a classic store with authentic props. Many logos and company signs have evolved over the years.

Along with signs, look for fixtures like shelves. You can fill the shelves with boxes and packages that represent vintage products. The designs will capture the nostalgic theme and add a lot of authenticity to your production design.

Vintage Holiday Decor

Holiday decor has evolved throughout the years, especially when related to popular characters or movies. Vintage holiday decor may include classic designs and restored antiques that represent the time. Look for smaller pieces like table centerpieces, door decorations, and mantle options to showcase the vintage decor.

Ideally, you want to search for decor that is in mint condition or is even still in the box. The packages will showcase the original colors so it looks like the props are actually new at the time of the production.

Shop for vintage movie props for sale to see what your options are when it comes to holiday decor. In some cases, you may even find rentals that you only use for the duration of your movie production.