How to Secure a Large Hutch for Safety

18 February 2022
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A desk hutch is such a convenient way to store needed items literally within arm's reach when your desk drawers are already full. The hutch lets you place items you use frequently in a spot that's close, but it also towers over you. A hutch needs to be secured, especially a large one. Because the danger comes from not only the hutch but everything on the hutch as well, you have to take a few measures to make that hutch stable.

The Obvious: Follow All Bracing and Wall-Connection Instructions

Manufacturers provide wall and desk brackets and screws for a reason. Hutches and other tall furniture can tip over. Securing the hutch to both the wall and the desk stabilizes the hutch so that it can't randomly tip over when you pull on a door or drawer. It is always possible that the connections to the wall could be pulled out or otherwise made ineffective (such as in a strong earthquake) and for that reason, the brackets are only one strategy of a few for securing the hutch so that you and anyone else near the desk remain safe.

Don't Overload the Top

Something that could easily damage the wall connections and cause the hutch to break is overloading the top sections of the hutch. It's not unusual to have some books or binders on an upper shelf, but you have to watch how much weight you put up there because you don't want the hutch to sag and collapse (even the strongest hutches have weight limits). Plus, heavy items on top become dangerous should they fall. Keep the heavier items on the desk and use the upper part of the hutch for lighter items that won't shatter.

Use Heavy Items to Reinforce the Lower Portion of the Hutch

If you want to put books on the hutch, put them under the hutch and around the legs or, if the back of the hutch reaches the desktop, against the back. You can pile them or line them up, but keep those heavy, stable books at the bottom. Remember, these strategies all work together to keep the hutch in one place so that if one strategy fails, the others help reduce any risks to you.

Large hutches from companies like Realspace are very sturdy to begin with, and have numerous safety features included. Use those and arrange items so that they work for you instead of against you. 

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