Is It Time To Replace Your Plastic Chair Mats In The Office?

27 May 2022
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When you have plastic chair mats in the office, then it's time to know when you should have them replaced. The right chair mats will provide mobility and safety for your office chairs and staff. When you need a replacement for a plastic chair mat or another style of chair mat, you should be able to see the signs. Here are some of them.

Your chair mats are yellowed

As plastic chair mats age, they get yellowed and worn. It's time to think about your options for replacing the plastic chair mat from your local office supply store if your chair mats are looking yellowed or turning brown. If you're not sure if plastic chair mats are worn out, turn them over. If your chair mats are wearing out, you will see the difference in color between the front and back sides.

Your chair mats are broken

Are your office chair mats broken or missing pieces? Do your office chairs get hung up on and stall on the chair mats? Consider upgrading to glass chair mats for greater longevity or better useful appeal if your chair mats are broken or breaking. A cause for broken chair mats may be age or over-use. To keep your staff safe and to prevent workplace injuries, you should look for a replacement.

Your chair mats are aged

How old are your chair mats? If they are very old, then it may be time to have them replaced. Older chair mats may lack the friction or width to keep your rolling chairs from digging into carpeting and may not provide the support you want in your office chair mats. There are many alternative chair mats to consider that can not only be safer and more functional in use but also more appealing for the office.

upgrading to carpet glass chair mats from plastic ones can bring beauty and a more modern appeal to your office. These chair mats can also last much longer than plastic because they won't become brittle or age the way plastic does and can give you years of useful life. If you want a replacement for plastic chair mat options, glass chair mats or other styles of chair mats can be ideal.

Your home or business office supply store may have the collection of chair mats you need. You can also get chair mats at the same store you purchase office chairs from.