A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Living Room Furniture

26 August 2021
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Living room space is essential for every home. Families spend their time together in these rooms, and they come in handy when entertaining guests. That is why you need to ensure everything in it, including furniture, is top-quality and complimentary. If you plan to acquire furniture in the foreseeable future, this article will guide you through the fundamental steps to ensure your endeavors bear satisfactory results.

Steps to Take Before Picking Furniture

Before you buy furniture, do the following:

1.    Measure available space

The first thing to do when you need to buy furniture is to measure the available space. You can use a yardstick or tape measure for this purpose. Ensure you note down the width and length of the room, as well as other recessed spaces.

2.    Consider the number of people likely to use your living room

The size of your family and the number of guests you expect to entertain frequently should influence your choice of furniture. If you have a large family with growing kids or regularly get visitors, opt for sturdier furniture likely to withstand constant traffic. But, if you only entertain occasionally or live alone, less sturdy pieces can do the trick.

3.    Sketch a rough floor plan

You can sketch out the furniture outlay you have in mind on plain paper. A good sketch will also help you plan how to use the room more effectively by coming up with an arrangement that will consume less space. Remember to factor in the walkways between pieces of furniture as you draw your floor plan.

4.    Measure the doorway

You don't want to buy furniture only to find out it won't fit through your door. Such an experience is frustrating and distressing. To avoid it, you must measure your doorway first. Then, as you pick furniture, compare their sizes to your doorway to see if they fit through it.

5.    Check the living room's original décor

Most living rooms come with specific décor and architecture. Factoring in these aspects helps you pick furniture guaranteed to compliment your living room space and fit into its theme. For example, if you have a rustic fireplace in the room, cabin furniture may accentuate the overall outlook better than modern pieces.

Takeaway Tips

If you are just starting out, give priority to essential pieces like tables and sofas. Then, as your needs increase, you can add extras like poufs and ottomans. Note that it's always advisable to buy sturdy, quality furniture from a reputable vendor. If you have pets or kids likely to make messes that leave stains behind, consider getting furniture with stain-resistant fabrics. That will make cleaning easier and reduce wear from multiple washes.

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