Bed Skirt Alternatives

9 September 2021
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A bed skirt is designed to cover the box spring and frame of a bed. It usually consists of a piece of flowy fabric that extends downward. Some people opt to use bed skirt substitutes that are convenient to install and that are constructed of various fabric types.

A Fitted Sheet Design

An alternative product that resembles a fitted sheet is designed to be extra stretchy and long enough to cover the sides of a box spring. Many true bed skirt products hang down beneath the bottom of a box spring. The extra length aids with blocking dust from accumulating under a bed. A fitted sheet design may not hang down lower than a box spring unless the product contains a ruffle border or another piece of fabric edging that lengthens the sides of the fabric. 

A Wrap-Around Panel

A wrap-around panel is a narrow fabric band that may be elasticized and contain velcro, snaps, or another type of closure that can quickly be secured. The fabric will not encompass the flat part of a box spring. Instead, it will lay out over the sides of a box spring. The upper edges of this type of bed skirt alternative can be tucked under the bottom edges of a mattress. The fabric that is tucked between the mattress and the box spring will make a wrap-around panel appear to be a full-sized skirt.

Valances Or Rugs

Fabric valances are commonly used to add dimension to the tops of windows. Poofy fabric or material that has been cut at an angle can be used to add interest to a window. A series of valances can also be used as a bed skirt substitute. One valance will be needed for each side of a box spring. To secure each valance, the mattress will need to be lifted up and pins will need to be used to anchor the edge of each fabric panel. The pins should be inserted through the top layer of a box spring.

Lightweight rugs can also be used as a makeshift bed skirt. A rug color that is complementary to the floor covering that is underneath a bed will add a line of symmetry around a furnishing. Tapestry needles or another heavy gauge needle type may be needed to anchor the edge of each rug. A mattress should be removed from its box spring, prior to lining up and securing the rugs to the box spring.