How To Furnish Your French Country Dining Room Provence-Style

14 September 2021
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Not to be confused with farmhouse or cottage styles, French country style exudes a look that is charming and elegant rather than quaint and simplistic. French country is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life minus the over-the-top grandeur look. Choosing the right furniture for your French country dining room will make your dining room look as breathtaking as a Provencal French countryside.

French dining room furniture finishes

Weathered finishes are the hallmark of French country furniture. Weathered finishes give French country a down-to-earth and well-worn look that is a perfect contrast to the elegant side of French decorating. Imperfections from wear and tear in painted wood tables, chairs, and accent pieces are a perfect fit in Provence-style dining rooms.

French dining room furniture details

Think fancy when it comes to ornamentation in French country dining room furniture. Curved wooden legs on tables and chairs combined with the engraved ornamentation in the wood add the right touch of elegance to the French country look. This is a pleasing contrast to the simple shiplap walls that are often found in French country rooms.

French dining room furniture accents

When choosing accent lamps or light fixtures for your French country dining room, look for metals like brass or wrought iron. These metals add just the right amount of elegance to balance out the weathered finishes in tables and chairs. Look for dining room chair cushions accented with ruffles or lace to complete the charming and elegant look.

French dining room furniture country colors

Look for white, blue, and yellow when choosing colors for your French country dining room. Pale yellow and cornflower blue are good choices for accent tables, benches, and chairs if you want to add a pop of color to the dining room. Antique white is a good choice for dining room tables and chairs.

French dining room country fabrics

For table covers, checked fabrics are a good choice and complement the French country look well. Do not be afraid to mix and match checkered fabrics with florals when choosing curtain toppers or if purchasing decorative chair cushions or accent pillows.

French country decorating is all about striking the perfect balance between elegance and charm. The right furniture will have the right amount of ornamentation with a touch of subtle vintage charm. A French country dining room will make you feel like you are dining at a countryside café in Provence every day.

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