Why Have Sectionals Remained Popular All These Years?

16 September 2021
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Furniture trends are always changing. One year, leather sofas are all the rage. The next year, it's all about printed fabrics. One furniture item that has not gone out of fashion, however, is the sectional couch. Over the past few decades, the fabric and designs may have changed a bit, but sectionals still remain popular. Why? Well, there are a few key reasons.

They're easy to get in and out of homes.

One downfall of buying a really large couch is that you might not be able to get it in the door. This can especially be a problem if you have a small apartment or an older home with narrow doorways. With a sectional, on the other hand, the unit is usually divided into several smaller pieces, each of which is easier to fit through tight spaces. This makes sectionals a prime option for anyone who needs lots of seating in a smaller living room or space. The smaller size of sectional pieces also means they are lighter to carry, which is great for anyone who's not an avid gym-goer or the Incredible Hulk.

You can replace the pieces that get damaged.

If you have a big sofa and it gets a big stain or rip, you have to replace the entire thing to address the problem. With a sectional, though, you only have to replace the piece that gets damaged. Say your end piece rips, but the rest of the sectional is fine. You only have to buy a new end piece, which will save you money in comparison to replacing an entire larger sofa.

You can move and arrange the pieces as you wish.

With most sectionals, there are multiple ways you can arrange the units. You could place the recliner to the right or left of the couch, for example. You could place the settee on its own or attach it to the recliner. This allows you to adapt your furniture to a new space. If you move, for example, you can rearrange the sectional in a new layout that's better suited for your new living room. If you decide to redecorate, you can move the sectional around to accommodate new furniture.

Sectionals have remained common because they have a lot of advantages over other furniture options. So, the next time you see one at the furniture store, consider whether it's a good choice for your home. If you have small doorways, want to save money, and like flexibility, it just might be. Contact a company that sells sectional couches to learn more.