3 Benefits of Folding Patio Chairs

21 March 2022
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It's easy to make an argument that no type of patio furniture is more important than the chair. Your family and guests will use your patio chairs countless times in the years ahead, so you'll want to ensure that you have enough of them to accommodate visitors and that they have the right design. There are all sorts of patio chairs on the market, and a furniture store that specializes in outdoor furniture can be a good place to shop. Some patio chairs have a solid design, while others can fold. Here are three benefits of folding patio chairs.

Easier to Move Around

While you might primarily use your patio chairs on your patio or deck, there can be scenarios in which you wish to use them elsewhere. For example, if you have a backyard swimming pool and are planning a pool party, you might want to relocate the chairs from your patio to the pool deck so that people who aren't swimming will have a comfortable place to sit. Folding chairs are significantly easier to move around. It's reasonable to expect that you could carry one folding chair in each hand as you walk between the patio and pool deck. With chairs that don't fold, you'd likely need to carry them one at a time.

Easier to Store

Depending on where you live, you might not keep your patio furniture outside for the entire year. If you get snow during the winter, for example, you might wish to store your patio furniture in your garage, basement, or shed to protect it from the elements. When you have folding chairs, you'll appreciate how they're easier to store. The compact size of folding chairs means that you'll be able to store them in spaces that aren't overly spacious — for example, a small garden shed that wouldn't be able to accommodate the chairs if they couldn't fold down.

High Level of Comfort

Lots of folding patio chairs have fabric seats and back supports, which gives them a comfortable feel. In many cases, you'll find that non-folding chairs are made from materials such as wood and metal, which may not always be as comfortable unless you add a chair cushion. If you plan to sit outdoors for long durations, you'll want to ensure that you can remain comfortable while doing so. This is especially important if you have back pain that sometimes results in discomfort on certain types of furniture. You can expect that a folding patio chair will offer a high level of comfort.