Have The Bedroom Essentials? Go Furniture Shopping To Fill Empty Space

5 May 2022
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After furnishing your bedroom with all the essentials, you may still have a ton of space. An easy solution is to go furniture shopping to pick up new pieces that will fill in the rest of the space. Learning about your options will help you make the right furniture purchases for the bedroom.

Reading Nook

An empty corner is a perfect place to create a reading nook. This corner can give you a warm, comfortable, and cozy reading environment. However, the right seating and lighting will also allow you to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, depending on what activities you enjoy.

Prioritize finding a chair that you can envision sitting in or lounging on for hours at a time. You may want to get a recliner or a chair with an ottoman to give your feet a place to rest. A nightstand or side table is worth getting so you have somewhere to put a table lamp and somewhere to hold your drinks, books, and electronics. You can even purchase a tall floor lamp if you want to skip the side table or if you prefer overhead lighting.


A vanity is a great bedroom addition, especially when you spend a while getting ready before heading to work or going out in the evening. You can get a vanity with a sizable top and ample storage so that you feel confident about being able to store all your personal belongings. The vanity top is ideal for putting all your jewelry and fragrances on display for easy access.

While looking at vanities, you may want to prioritize ones with a mirror and LED lighting around the edges. These features will make it easy to get ready.

Most seating options will work for a vanity. However, you may appreciate a stool the most because you can move around in any direction without having to touch the stool.

Home Office

Whether you work at home or want a place to handle your finances and obligations, you can turn your bedroom into a partial home office. All you need is a desk to place a laptop or desktop computer and an office chair where you can sit down to handle various activities. An oversized desk can give you a place to put a printer and an area to fill out documents.

Fill your bedroom's space and give it more functionality with these furniture ideas.