3 Custom Wood Projects Ideal For Home Libraries

29 July 2022
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A home library should be a place where you can relax, enjoy quiet, and complete other tasks like work from home. If you want to make the space completely your own, then you should consider custom woodworking projects. A carpenter can make your vision become a reality as they craft some wood projects and transform a home library space.

Check out some custom projects to really transform a home library area.

1. Window Seat Bookcase

If your home library includes a window, then consider the installation of a window seat. A window seat provides a way to see and read with all-natural light. You could place a large seat cushion across the window for added comfort along with a chair pillow and some throw pillows.

A custom woodworking shop can build a bookcase into the bottom of the window seat. A bookcase provides an area to display books and makes the books easy to grab. The shelves create a nice visual for the room. The low access to the books is an ideal area to store children's books as well. Children can easily grab a book and lay in the window seat to read.

2. Hidden Book Nooks & Storage Areas

When you have a home library, you may not want to display all of your books out in the open. You could have books you collect and do not want exposure to UV light or excess dust. You may have extra books you do not want to display. A carpenter can create shelves and storage options with hidden book nook areas.

A built-in wall shelf could include a disguised pull-out drawer that you use to store extra books. The drawer could look like part of the design and not include handles. A hidden nook on the side of a shelf can also offer a storage area for extra books. A woodworker can help plan out different design elements.

3. Reading & Study Desk

Along with reading, you may use a home library area to study and get work done. A woodworker can create a custom study space in the library. A corner desk area could feature a flat surface for you to place devices on and study comfortably. A corner area could feature shelves or drawers for office supplies like papers and pens.

Design a desk that fits your needs and allows you to study comfortably. Visit a carpentry service such as Branch and Bark Urban Sawmill with some ideas in mind and help create a home library space you use on a regular basis.